The Queen's Expensive Car is Beyond Belief.

The Queen's Expensive Car is Beyond Belief.

 The British Royal family has a considerable fortune. Their net worth is hard to measure. Queen Elizabeth II has some hobbies and some things that she likes to collect. The Queen and the House of Windsor has one of the best car collections in the world. The collection seems endless. The Royal family has some classic cars and they have some newer models with some great modern features. The Queen likes to update her cars often even if there is nothing wrong with them.

There is of course the Rolls Royce Phantom and some of the best Audis and Jaguars that were made. This family likes to travel in luxury and style. They like the Land Rover and have been loyal to this brand for some time. The Queen likes to travel in style and none of these cars have let her down.

Prince William has some of the best family cars while Prince Charles has driven mostly sports cars. This family has an incredible collection and they can select a car for any day of the week. The Royals have plenty of cars and they can take them out based on the occasion of their mood. There are plenty of cars to select from for just about any occasion.

Aston Martin DB6

Year: 1966

Owned By: Prince Charles

Estimated Value: $500,000*

This is one of the most luxurious car brands in the world. The Queen has this car as the prize of her car collection. This is a rare model. It was purchase for Prince Charles on his 21st birthday. This is quite the birthday gift. While the average person is happy to get a gift card the Price was able to get a luxury car. There are some benefits to being part of the Royal family.

The Prince still has this car but he did make an upgrade. He made the engine more eco-friendly. He wanted the car to put out less pollution but still wanted to drive this cool car.

Charles looks for cars that will not harm the environment. If the car he likes is not eco-friendly he will have it modified to be so. The brand is willing to do anything for the Prince and making it better for the environment is not a bad task to perform...

1970 Daimler Vanden Plas

Year: 1970

Owned By: Queen Elizabeth

Estimated Value: $80,000*

This car cost around $80,000. For the Queen, this was something that she needed so she made the purchase.

The car is made from sheet metal, pressed steel fisher, and everything molded into perfection. The car has a long front and a sleek body. This car manufacturer has been a favorite of the Royal family since the early 1900s.

This car is a great part of the collection and is one that any car collector would be lucky to have. If only the average person could afford something like this.

1965 Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman Landaulet

Year: 1965

Owned By: Queen Elizabeth

Estimated Value: $1 million*

This car is worth around $1 million. In addition to the Queen, there have been Popes that have been spotted riding in this model. This car is great for waving to people on the go and there is room for passengers. The car is large and it is great for getting around.

The Queen has bulletproof features on this car. This is a great family car that most people can only dream about owning. The family can be protected and they can still ride in a cool looking car. This is something that is important when traveling as a royal. They need some advanced safety measures for protection.

This car is nice to look at and has everything that a person could want in a classic car from the design to the polished metal. This car is like a work of art on wheels.

1953 Humber Super Snipe

Year: 1953

Owned By: Queen Elizabeth

Estimated Value: $200,000*

This car has an intimidating name but that adds to the appeal. It can be why the Queen decided to purchase it. She made this purchase after World War ID and she was trying to get out there and reach out to the public.

The Queen and Prince Phillip would take this car out for the Commonwealth Coronation Tour. After the tour, the car mainly sat in storage for many years.

This car is wondering but it is still sitting in a garage. While the Queen has some great cars she does not take them out too often.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

Year: 2013

Owned By: Kate and Will

Estimated Value: $323,000*

Prince William and Princess Kate needed something when it came to a good family car. The Spur was a top choice. The car is bulletproof and it costs around $323,000.

The couple uses this car when they are trying. They are safe and still get to travel in style. This car is expensive to operate. It costs $150 to fill up the tank. This money is not something the ordinary person can put out.

The price is high but it has everything that a royal would need. The seat is comfortable, there are some cool tech features, and it is great for taking a drive. For the price of the car, it better be a great ride.

Audi 6 Hatchback

Year: 2020

Owned By: Prince William

Estimated Value: $103,000*

Prince William still wants to have a fun car to drive. This car may be family friendly but there is some power behind it. The car has 444 horsepower and is a sweet tide. The car cost around $103,000. The Royal family does get a discount for Audi when they purchase a car.

William is not the only family member to drive this car. All of the Royals have been seen in an Audi at one time. The A6 hatchback is great for taking the kids around and go out and about.

For the Royals, the Audi may be an everyday car. There are some that will only come out at special times.

Audi A8 limousine

Year: Unknown

Owned By: Prince Charles

Estimated Value: $90,000*

This is the car of choice for Prince Charles. He has been in this car on official visits. The 2019 model costs around $90,000 and there is plenty of interior room for many passengers.

This car is great for official business. Charles takes it out when visiting workers to make an appearance or when visiting his famous friends such as Rod Stewart.

Camilla is often seen along with Charles in this ride. There are some when Charles does have a driver and there are times when he can be spotted behind the wheel.

Jaguar I-PACE

Year: 2019

Owned By: Prince Charles

Estimated Value: $60,000*

Charles likes to get out and he is spotted in this beauty of a car. This 2019 model set the price at $60,000 which is not made for a car for the Royal family. Charles also had the car designed to be eco-friendly.

This is the first battery powered car by Jaguar. Charles uses this car to get around London since he does not want to contribute to the air pollution. For a battery powdered car, it offers a smooth ride

Charles decided to stick to a sleek black color for his car. This car has a classic and timeless look. The important thing for him is that this ride does not attract a lot of attention.

Rolls Royce Phantom VI

Year: 1950

Owned By: Queen Elizabeth II

Estimated Value: $2.6 million*

The Queen sold her Rolls Royce in 2018 but this was not going to be a cheap purchase. Even a used car from the Royal family can get them a lot of money and comes with a high price tag.

This car has a price tag of $2.6 million. It was only one 18 that were made which is while the price is so high. The Queen had this car out for many tours over the years. She did not need the money. She just wanted a change and wanted to update her car collection.

The car has a long history from manufacturing to the passengers that have ridden in it. There have been many famous people that have sat in the passenger seat.

Land Rover Discovery

Year: 2019

Owned By: Prince Philip

Estimated Value: $68,000*

Price Phillips was in a bad accident in 2019 and many people questioned if he should be on the road. The accident did not stop him. He purchased a new Land Rover Discovery on the same day of his accident.

This 4x4 cost around $68,000. The car is black. The Land Rover has been a favorite of the family for some time.

At one point every member of the family had a Land Rover. The Queen is a fan of this brand. She has been spotted in many different models over the year. This includes her early times as Queen.

1948 Daimler DE

Year: 1948

Owned By: Queen Elizabeth

Estimated Value: $210,000*

This car was one of the finest back in 1948 and still is today. This is a very expensive car when it was purchased. The car was priced at $210,000.

This car is similar to a Rolls Royce but is one of the best models out there. There are not too many cars like this. This car shows a different era. It was made for family use by the Royals.

The car shows importance and style. King George was still the monarch at the time that this car was purchased.

Citroen SM Opera 1972

Year: 1972

Owned By: Queen Elizabeth II

Estimated Value: Unknown

This is one of the early cars that Queen Elizabeth choose. She worked as a mechanic at this time. This was the Motor Trends Car of the Year in 1972. This is a classic car and the rear tires are almost hidden when it drives.

The extract price that the Queen paid for this car is not known but it is safe to say that it was not cheap. The Queen looks for only the best when it comes to her cars. This is a car that no one will mess with.

The car has a unique shape and it is low to the ground. That is what makes this car so interesting. It brings a person back to another time. This is one of the finest cars in the collection.

Aston Martin DB7 Volante

Year: 1992

Owned By: Prince Andrew

Estimated Value: $45,000*

This car was a favorite of Prince Andrew and back in 1992, he would drive the car around all the time. It has a deep green

color, a drop roof, and the Price can show off when he was riding in this car

The car was placed for sale in 2019 at the Bonhams Goodwood Racecourse. The price was around $45,000 which was a lot of money for a car that was around 30 years old. This car is the same price as a brand new 2020 Toyota Acura. The car does have leather seats and there is a wood enameled steering wheel. No matter how old this car is their car still has plenty of appeals.

At the time Andrew was driving this car around he was still married to Sarah Ferguson and they had two children. Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice loved this car. While it is not an ideal car for a family Andrew had another ride for his wife and children.

Land Rover Freelander

Year: Unknown

Owned By: Prince Philip

Estimated Value: $40,000*

When Prince Phillip had his accident in 2019 he flipped over the Land Rover Freelander. After the accident, the Prince ordered a new model. He did end up giving up his driver’s license at the age of 97.

Phillip did love his Land Rovers. He paid around $40,000 for this car. It is heavy duty and was built to withstand a lot of conditions. The Duke of Edinburgh loved this car until he could not love drive.

It is sad the way that Prince Phillip and his relationship with the Land Rover ended. Even the Royals need to know when it is time to give up something we love and move on.

Audi RS6 Avant

Year: 2017

Owned By: Prince Harry

Estimated Value: $94,000*

Before Prince Harry married Meghan Markle and had children he went for a fancy car. He drove the 2017 Audi several times. He even made an appearance to attend Pippa Middleton’s wedding in the car with Meghan as his guest.

While the Audi may not be considered a sports car this car is powerful. It has 600 horsepower. The vehicle sold in 2019 for $94,000. If Harry can no longer use this car hopefully the new owner will.

Harry looks for a little safe car now that he is married and has Archie. Meghan wants to have a family car since they are no longer active members of the Royal family. They are living in Los Angeles and a big car is not really needed.

Land Rover Defender

Year: 2002

Owned By: Queen Elizabeth

Estimated Value: $163,390*

This car is something that the Queen enjoys riding in. She is a fan of the Land Rover and while this model is nothing special it is still good enough for a queen. The car did cost over $160,000 but Elizabeth is just one of the rich people that own this model.

The Land Rover releases a new Defender in 2020 so the Queen may be looking to update. She does not have trouble affording cars so it may be time for her to get a new ride.

The Queen likes to take the Land Rovers around Windsor and Balmoral. It is quite the sight to see her small frame looking over the big wheel. She does enjoy the ride and she goes all over the property in this car.

Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero

Year: 2017

Owned By: Prince Harry and Meghan

Estimated Value: $450,000*

This car was another one of the cars Price Harry had before he settled down. This car was featured at his wedding. He took his bride from the church to this side. This car is a beauty of its own.

The Jaguar brand updates the Concept Zero for modern times. The car is battery powdered. The couple has not been seen riding in it since the wedding. The car cost $450,000 so it may be in storage to stay safe. This car does cost a lot of money so they may not want to take it out every day.

There is a chance that the car was loaned to the Royals for the wedding. Many people like to rent fancy cars for special occasions so this may not be any different. If the couple did rent the car there is a good chance they were not charged the rental fee as the brand got plenty of attention from a Royal wedding.

1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Limousine

Year: 1950

Owned By: Queen Elizabeth

Estimated Value: $150,000*

When this car was made the Queen was looking to update her ride. She wanted a new limousine. There was nothing wrong with the previous one, she was just looking for something new. This model was a great replacement.

This car has been used for official events. There is a bulletproof top that gives the family the chance to wave to the public while being safe and protected. The car is safe, reliable, and stately which made it attractive to the Queen.

When Elizabeth purchased the limo she was not yet queen. This did not mean that she did not have any royal duties. Elizabeth had a lot to do and people to see even if she was not in charge at the time.

1951 Ford V8 Pilot

Year: 1951

Owned By: Queen Elizabeth

Estimated Value: $170,000*

This car is an example that the Queen does not only drive British cars. While she supports her homeland she is willing to branch out for a great ride. This car cost her around $170,000. The car was customized just for her. It is now part of the exhibits in the Royal Museum.

Ford made just over 100 cars of this model and then stopped producing them. For a long time, this was the preferred car for the Queen. It was not fancy and she did not use it for state affairs. She did like to take it to cruise around the country. This is comfortable and it does have style.

While there are more expensive and luxurious cars that belong to the Queen the Pilot is traditional. It is all black which is something that the Royals like.

The Queen has some of the most refined rides in history and this is not going to change anytime soon.

Year: 1902

Owned By: United Kingdom

Estimated Value: Priceless

This carriage is nice to look at but it is reserved for the use of the monarchy. It was built by King Edwards VII and Queen Alexandra more than 120 years ago. This was one of the first cars to be purchased. When cars become popular the Royal family had to have one. They could not just have the standard model. They need a luxury model even at this time.

The Queen used to the carriage when she was meeting with the head of state. This was the carriage that carried Price Charles and Princess Diana to their wedding. They traveled from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. This was a car that had a family history and was a great classic ride.

1929 Daimler Double Six

Year: 1929

Owned By: Queen Elizabeth

Estimated Value: $5 million*

The Queen has this 5 million dollar car as her place in Goodwood. She wants to take it out and show it now and then. The Queen has been seen driving the car around Buckingham Palace. When it is not driven it is under tight security.

This car was not mass-produced and there is a limited number. It is hard to come by and the owners are not willing to part with it.

While the Queen has many cars this one is treasured. She has many newer models but they do not stand up to this classic car. This car is one of the few that are still in existence especially from its period.

Bentley State Limousine

Year: 2002

Owned By: Queen Elizabeth

Estimated Value: $15,167,500*

This is one of the best cars out of the entire collection that the Royal family owns. This is a 2002 Bentley and was designed for the Queen and her court. She wanted something that looked a little different from the rest of the cars on the road and Bentley was going to give it to her. No one says no to the Queen.

This car cost $15 million and there are only two of them made in the world. There is the Best which is in the United States. This car was used by the President and the First Lady. While Elizabeth may be a fan of the land Rover this Bentley puts all other cars to shame. When the Queen is riding out in this car security is even tighter.

The guard needs to protect the Queen and they need to make sure no one gets near this car.

Once the car is parked they need to protect it so that no one tries to steal it. It is dangerous enough trying to get close to the Queen and it will be near impossible to break into her car

1924 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

Year: 1924

Owned By: Prince Charles

Estimated Value: $35 million*

This was an interesting car and there is a lot of history behind it. Lord Mountbatten from Burma was the first owner of this car. He had it specially made.

When he passed in 179, the car was passed on to Prince Charles. He had been close to his uncle and was given his car. This is one of the prized possessions of the Royal family. While it has not been used in many years the family is still protective of this car.

This car has everything that a classic car should have. It looks like it came right from a movie. There is a long body and the car is very attractive. Prince Charles has taken great care of this car since he received it.

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