Aston Martin Valkyrie 2022

Aston Martin Valkyrie 2022


The British automaker Aston Martin is perhaps best known for its luxurious cars. What they lacked all these years is the quintessential 'hypercar' in their fleet. Thankfully it all changes with the launch of the first hypercar the Aston Martin Valkyrie. With an ultra-modern, aerodynamic design, the Valkyrie is built to turn heads and blaze through the road in style. The car has a futuristic design fit for nothing less than a superhero! Valkyrie's custom-made mammoth 6.5 liters naturally aspirated V-12 engine can produce upwards of 1000 horsepower when it comes to power. Priced at around $3 million, it goes without saying that it will be a limited edition model.

How is 2022 shaping up for Aston?

Valkyrie is one of the only entirely new vehicles in the Aston Martin lineup leading into 2022. Valkyrie's name comes from Norse mythology, in which valkyries were spirits who decided the outcomes of wars. It is one of the first cars being developed by Aston Martin in collaboration with Red Bull Racing.

Interior design

The Valkyrie seats two people in its tear-drop-shaped cockpit. The passengers are in a reclined and feet-up position while in the car. The seating position is comparable to any of the modern F1 cars. There is a lot of attention given to the safety of the passengers as well. The vehicle comes with a 4-point harness as a standard but can be fitted with a 6-point harness. The car has a single OLED display screen, and all the controls are positioned on the steering wheel itself. The switches of the vehicle are anodized and come in attractive colors-silver, black, or even red. There is a lot of choice in the upholstery as well, concerning colors pattern and textures. Even the seat harnesses are customizable in one of the six bright and vibrant colors. The steering wheel of the Valkyrie is detachable for easy entry and exit from the vehicle.

Pricing and models available

Valkyrie is set to come in two models-the standard and an AMR pro variant. The standard model will be capped off at 150 units, while the company will produce only 25 AMR pro models.

The first thing that jumps out in the design of both the standard and the APR variant is the aerodynamic design. Both models ditch the side view mirror for a set of rear cameras to reduce drag. The cameras also help to avoid blindspots as well. Another unique feature of the car is the complete absence of a rear window. The roof-mounted engine air intake necessitates the elimination of the rear window altogether. The underfloor that is exceptionally open and works on the Venturi effect is big enough to fit an entire person. The car's bodywork is entirely made from carbon fiber, which is a first for Aston Martin. The Standard version is priced at $3 million, while the AMR Pro is priced at $3.5 million. Even with seemingly restrictive pricing, the company reports that both the models have been sold out as of later 2020.

Transmission, engine, and performance

The Valkyrie is fitted with a state-of-the-art hybrid powertrain. The engine's Valkyrie is a naturally aspirated 6.5L V12 along with an electric motor. The car comes with a 7-speed transmission powering the rear wheels. The power produced by the V12 engine starts at 1000 hp, and the battery-driven electric motor dispenses an additional 160 hp. Hence, the combined power stands at 1160 hp, producing an impressive torque of 663 lb-ft. The Valkyrie AMR Pro variant is fitted with the same powertrain, but the V12 engine is recalibrated to produce more power. One more difference between the models is that the AMR Pro has a lighter curb weight than the standard model. The AMR Pro is claimed to produce more downward force than the mass of the car itself.

Fuel economy and Real-world miles per gallon

The fuel economy figures of the Valkyrie have not been released, but the company as of yet.

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