2022 GMC Terrain

2022 GMC Terrain


For those that are looking for a big crossover, the GMC Terrain 2022  will be eye catching. The price of the car is not at the top of its rank. All of the models have a turbocharged engine that is four-cylinder. There are limited options when it comes to the engine. There are some great features but it may not meet the luxury price tag.

New Features for 2022

The Terrain has some updated features for 2022. There is a cool looking grill and bumper, the are LED lights, and there is a cool wheel design. The upholstery has been updated. There is also an Apple Car play and an Android audio feature. This model is more rugged looking. The engine is also more powerful.


SLE:  $28,000 (est)

SLT : $33,000 (est)

AT4: $37,000 (est)

Denali: $39,000 (est)

While the Terrain is getting to be a little expensive the SLE model is the best out of them. it has plenty of features including the Apple Car Play, Android, touchscreens, and some driver assist features.

Engine and Performance

The Terrain has a turbocharged 1.5 liter for cylinder engine with a nine speed automatic feature. It can come in front or all wheel drive. This one has not been tested yet but it was said to be powerful. The Terrain has plenty of passenger room. The car is comfortable for long rides. The car has been designed to go well on twisty roads. It is important to have a car that can handle well.

Fuel Economy

The estimated fuel mileage for the 2022 Terrain did not change much. It is said to get around 25 miles to the gallon in the city and around 30 miles to the gallon on the highway. We have not done a real word test but will keep updated.

Interior and Comfort

The interior is comfortable and there is a lot of space. The design has a couple of switches that will make things easy to control. The driver will control the window and the center console. The buttons are a little lower than what most people are used to and it will take some time to get into this. There is plenty of storage room and the seats in the back can fold down. There is a lot of space in this cargo area. The rear seat can hold a lot so it is good for storage. If you want to haul some of the largest items this may be working in your favor. There is plenty of cargo.


The Terrain has commands that are easy to operate and they are responsive. The graphics are clear and they are in a logical order. There are some great connectivity features including Apple car play, Android audio, and other connections to wifi and hotspots. There is an in dash navigation system that will help with these other models. The head up display comes standard on this model and there are even some things that will be projected into the windshield. These are some of the great features that are up to date for the current times.

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